Young Living Essential Oils

Singles and Blends

  • Most oils may be applied directly from the bottle or in a dilution of base oil.
  • For spray bottles, oils should be mixed in spring water as opposed to distilled water, in the appropriate ratio.
  • Oils may be diffused, applied topically, or added to water for bathing, cleaning, and disinfecting.
  • Most may be worn as a perfume, aftershave, on the neck, face, throat, wrists, ankles, back, behind the ears, over the heart, and on the bottoms of the feet.

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ABUNDANCE: Enhances magnetic energy creating a frequency of health and abundance.

ACCEPTANCE: Assists one in overcoming denials in life.

AROMA LIFE: Strengthens the heart and varicose veins lower blood pressure and cholesterol.

AROMA SIEZ:  For muscle spasms, sore muscles/tendons.

AWAKEN:  Opens the mind and body to help in bringing out the full potential in life.

CHRISTMAS SPIRIT:  Depression; brings happiness, joyful memories of good times.

CITRUS FRESH: Calming, antiseptic, sense of well-being, joy, high in flavonoids.

CLARITY:  Helps memory retention, increases energy level, opens the mind, helps overcome shock.

DI-TONE:  Assists in relieving digestive problems, bloating, diarrhea, parasites, cramps, and gas.

DRAGON TIME  PMS: menopausal situations, balancing.

DREAM CATCHER:  Enhances dreams and visualizations, may help stay on path, protects against negativity.

ENDO FLEX:  Balances the metabolism, aids in hormonal balancing, supports the thyroid.

EN-R-GEE:  Energizes stimulates mental alertness.

FORGIVENESS:  Helps one to forgive oneself as well as others and make life easier.

GATHERING:  Spiritual enhancement, ritual bonding of close groups with common values and goals.

GENTLE BABY:  Comforting, soothing, embracing, and relaxing for baby and mother, insomnia, colic, birthing.

GROUNDING:  Stabilizes helps us to deal with reality in a peaceful manner.

HARMONY:  Balances the energy centers of the body helps to deal with emotions, creates harmony and well-being.

HOPE:  Assists in bringing about the desires to improve and move forward in life.

HUMILITY:  Works with forgiveness when seeking a closer relationship with spirituality.

IMMUPOWER:  Balances the immune system, antiviral, antibacterial, antiseptic; eases degenerative disease.

INNER CHILD:  Identity, re-connect with the inner self, mid-life crisis, abuse issues.

INSPIRATION:  Brings relief from negative thoughts; enhances spiritual moods, harmonizing.

INTO THE FUTURE: Vision, excitement, living on the edge, tenacity, integrity, pioneer, determination, commitment, challenge, joy.

JOY: Increases self-esteem, self-love; calms soothes, creates happy feelings.

JUVA FLEX:  Helps detox the liver and lymphatic system supports digestion.

MELROSE:  Fights ear and gum infections, cold sores, canker sores.

MISTER:  Hormonal balancing for both men and some women; increases energy.

MOTIVATION:  Helps one to gain motivation and direction, eliminating procrastination.

MY-GRAIN:  Relieves headaches (especially if blood sugar related), migraines, stress headaches.

PANAWAY:  Sciatica, bone pain, arthritis, acute pain.

PEACE & CALMING:  Relaxing, calming, great for hyperactive children, stress.

PRESENT TIME:  Brings into the present, helps let go of living in the past, helps one to move forward with goals.

PURIFICATION:  Helps to purify air, neutralize fumes and odors, removes formaldehyde, fungus, molds.

RAVEN OR RC:  Asthma, congestion, sinus, colds, flu, bronchitis, pneumonia, sore throat, cold sores, bone spurs.

RELEASE:  Aids in releasing anger, soothing and calming to emotions.

RELIEVE IT:  Sciatic pain, joint pain, deep tissue pain.

SACRED MOUNTAIN:  Grounding, sense of strength and stability, finding one’s sacred space.

SARA:  Release and let go of trauma memory, sexual and ritual abuse.

SENSATION:  Uplifting, refreshing, arousing, skin problems.

*THIEVES: Antiviral, antibacterial, enhances the immune system, blood sugar balance, sore throat, great for children.

THREE WISE MEN:  Accepting gifts and giving helps the ability to receive.

VALOR:  Overcome fears, gives courage to move on, confidence, self-esteem; relieve spinal pain.

WHITE ANGELICA:  Sense of protection from negative radiation from others.


Single Oils

BASIL:  Anxiety, colds, depression, flu, fever, mind clarity, migraines, muscles, nerves, respiratory.

BERGAMOT:  Bronchitis, cold sores, digestion, eczema, emphysema, gallstones, inflammation, insect bites, kidneys, nerves, parasites, sore throat, urinary tract, vaginal candida, varicose veins.

BIRCH:  Acne, arthritis, bones, detoxifying hair tonic, lymphatic psoriasis.

CEDARWOOD:  Arthritis, congestion, cough, cellulite, dermatitis, hair loss, kidneys, muscles, respiratory, stress, tuberculosis.

CHAMOMILE:  Allergies, anemia, anxiety, bladder, eczema, fever, headache, liver, menstrual, parasites, rashes, sunburn.

*CINNAMON:  Cardiac, colds, circulatory, depression, fever, parasites, kidneys, muscles, menstruation, toothache.

CISTUS:  Auto-immune, infections, arthritis, immune stimulant, rheumatism.

CLARY SAGE:  Acne, boils, colic, frigidity, hemorrhoids, headache, muscles, nerves, sore throat, wrinkles.

*CLOVE:  Allergies, asthma, bruises, burns, colds, colic, digestion, flu, nervous exhaustion, pain, pancreas, pyorrhea, varicose veins.

CORIANDER:  Cardiac, circulation, colds, colic, digestive, flu, nervous exhaustion, pain, pancreas, sore muscles.

CYPRESS:  Arthritis, bronchitis, circulation, cramps, hot flashes, lymphatic, muscles, pancreas, pyorrhea, varicose veins.

DILL:  Colic, flatulence, indigestion, pancreas, lack of periods, promotes milk flow for nursing.

EUCALYPTUS:  Asthma, bladder, burns, candida, diabetes, emphysema, headaches, fever, kidneys, sinus, sprains, tuberculosis.

FENNEL:  Asthma, cellulite, constipation, digestion, gout, hangover, kidney, menopause, nerve, pancreas, rheumatism, wrinkles.

FIR:  Asthma, colds, fever, flu, sore muscles.

FRANKINCENSE:  Bladder, colds, hemorrhage, blood cells, lymphatic, rheumatism, scars, skin, tumors, wrinkles.

GERANIUM:  Acne, bruises, burns, cellulite, diarrhea, diabetes, fungus, gallbladder, kidneys, liver, nerves, ringworm.

GINGER:  Arthritis, colic, cramps, diarrhea, flu, hangovers, laxative, motion sickness, nerves, sprains, toothaches.

GRAPEFRUIT:  Acne, cellulite, colds, depression, flu, headache, lymphatic, liver, obesity, stress, weight loss.

HELICHRYSUM:  Allergies, asthma, blood cleansing, burns, cuts, depression, fever, headaches, lymphatic, liver, muscles, nerves, pain, sedative, topical anesthesia, viruses.

HYSSOP:  Arthritis, asthma, bronchitis, cystitis, digestion, emmenagogues, emphysema, expectorant, microbial mutations, pneumonia, scarring, staph, thickened mucous (use caution with children).

JASMINE:  Anxiety, cirrhosis, colds, depression, headache, hepatitis, inflammation, insomnia, muscles, nerves, respiratory, stress.

JUNIPER:  Acne, colic, colds, diabetes, flu, gout, kidneys, menstrual, obesity, rheumatism, stress, urinary.

LAVENDER:  Allergies, acne, burns, baldness, bladder, depression, dermatitis, diaper rash, digestion, earache, epilepsy, gallstones, hair, headache, liver, muscles, nerves, paralysis, ringworm, sunstroke, stretch marks, sprains, toothache, vomiting.

LEMON:  Arthritis, acne, colds, constipation, diabetes, fever, headaches, insect bites, kidneys, liver, lymph, nose bleed, rheumatism, scar tissue, varicose veins.

*LEMONGRASS:  Athletes foot, bladder, circulation, connective tissue, digestive, fever, fatigue, headache, lymphatic, muscles, nerves, respiratory, varicose veins.

MARJORAM:  Anxiety, aches, arthritis, bruises, colic, cramps, digestive, fungus, headache, liver, muscles, nerves, rheumatism, respiratory, stress, ticks.


MYRRH:  Anemia, bronchitis, candida, cough, eczema, hemorrhoids, inflammation, menstrual, sedative, stretch marks.

MYRTLE:  Acne, bruises, colds, flu, hemorrhoids, lungs, sinus, tuberculosis.

NUTMEG:  Digestive, heart, laxative, menstrual, rheumatism, toothache, vomiting.

ORANGE:  Anxiety, bronchitis, blood, constipation, fever, fungus, heart, jaundice, laxative, insomnia, nerve, scars, shock, stress, wrinkles.

*OREGANO:  Fungus, immune system, viruses.

PATCHOULI:  Allergies, anxiety, cellulite, depression, fever, headache, hair, mental clarity, nerve, skin, toxins, vomiting, water retention, wrinkles.

PEPPERMINT:  Anemia, bronchitis, cholera, cramps, digestion, dizziness, flu, fatigue, gallstones, hot flashes, itching, inflammation, kidneys, liver, morning sickness, nerves, pain, rheumatism, shock, sunburn, temperature, throat, toothache, varicose veins.

PETITGRAIN:  Spasms, inflammation, infections, bacteria, nerve equilibrium.

RAVENSARA:  Asthma, bronchitis, children’s colds, and coughs, cuts, flu, liver, lungs, sinus.

ROSE:  Hemorrhaging, infections, depression, scars, asthma, TB, impotency, skin, wounds, ulcers, sprains, wrinkles.

ROSEMARY:  Arthritis, anemia, baldness, colds, cardiovascular, cellulite, cirrhosis, diabetes, epilepsy, flu, gout, heart, headache, hepatitis, hair loss, liver, inflammation, muscles, menstrual, nerves, obesity, pain, rheumatism, respiratory, bleeding.

ROSEWOOD:  Acne, cuts, candida, dermatitis, fever, headache, impotence, jet lag, scars, stress, virus, wrinkles.

SAGE:  Asthma, colds, depression, fluid retention, gingivitis, inflammation, lymphatic, liver, lungs, menopause, psoriasis, respiratory, stops bleeding.

SANDALWOOD:  Aging, acne, bladder, digestive, depression, fungus, insomnia, immune system, itching, lung, nerve, stress, vomiting, works in the DNA and RNA.

SPEARMINT:  Asthma, acne, candida, colic, diarrhea, headache, kidney, liver, nerves, sinus.

SPRUCE:  Arthritis, bones, candida, rheumatism.

TANGERINE:  Acne, cellulite, circulation, heartburn, laxative, nausea, scars.

TEA TREE:  Athletes foot, abscess, blisters, burns, cough, gingivitis, immune system, insect bites, rashes, sunburn, sinus, shingles, shock, viruses, warts.

*THYME:  Asthma, arthritis, bladder, burns, cuts, cellulite, circulation, chills, depression, dermatitis, fungus, flu, gout, heart, headache, insect bites, inflammation.

YLANG YLANG:  Acne, diabetes, depression, fever, hair.

WHITE LOTUS:  Spiritual, emotional, physical enhancement, anti-cancer, immune system, euphoric, elevating.

*spicier oil should be diluted before applying to skin.