What's the difference between homeopathic remedies, flower remedies, and naturopathic remedies?

The knowledgeable consultants at Health Connection. may suggest any of these approaches to well-being based on what you tell them about your condition, habits, etc. See the links to these remedies and other information on our homepage!

Can I smell the essential oils before I buy one? Do you sell them by the drop?

Sure! Smells are free! But remember, the oils are going to help you not just because of their aroma - there are benefits to their use! Oils are sold by the drop, by the 1/2 dram, by the dram, and in spray bottles and roll-ons.

What's this "green drink" I've heard people talk about?

You make this wonder concoction yourself with ingredients you can purchase at the grocery store. It's your ticket to good health! Click here for the recipe.

What's involved in a health consultation?

After filling out a few simple forms about your lifestyle, a knowledgeable counselor will ask you additional questions concerning your health, and make non-invasive observations of your skin, pulse, eyes, and nails to assess your current state of health. Then, your counselor will write down a list of possible lifestyle changes, foods, herbs, and other suggestions to help you meet your health goals. These will be prioritized so that you can make the ultimate decision as to what path you wish to follow on your journey to well-being.

Can I take herbs with my prescriptions?

The consultants at Health Connections will help you determine which herbs can be taken safely with prescriptions.

How much essential oil do I apply? Where do I apply it?

Generally, one to two drops of essential oil is used per 70 pounds of body weight. Oils can be applied almost anywhere on the skin, but certain oils must be diluted before application. Essential oils can also be diffused into the air. See our consultants find out exactly which oils should be used for best results.

What are ear candles?

Ear candles are cone-shaped, hollow tubes (candles), the tips of which can be gently placed inside the ear opening. When burning the candle, a gentle vacuum is created that draws out excess wax and bacteria that may have accumulated. Come in for complete instructions on how to use them correctly to keep your ears tuned!

How long are herbs, oils, and homeopathic good?

Encapsulated herbs are good for five years. Liquid herbs are good for two years, though these are best kept in the refrigerator if not used on regular basis. Oils that are not diluted have no expiration date and homeopathic are good for 5 years.

How should I take herbs and supplements? With meals? On an empty stomach?

Most herbs and supplements are taken with meals unless directed otherwise. Most people will find that even a glass of juice or a piece of fruit is sufficient for taking supplements. Follow the instructions on the bottle and ask us for recommended amounts.

How do I take a homeopathic (little white pellets)?

Homeopathics need to be taken without food or water 15 minutes before or after. Also, it is best not to touch a homeopathic, but to toss them into the mouth from the lid of the container.