Anti-Stress For Your Type

Type A anti-stress: Holy Basil, Adaptogenic and Antioxidant action, coupled with its ability to strengthen the nerves ad promotes calm energy and mental clarity, make Holy Basil (Tulsi) a wonderful daily tonic. Although Stress itself is not new, modern forms of stress tend to be more constant and in some ways more insidious than in the past. Chemical pollution, noise pollution, increased radiation and even an over-abundance of information are relatively new stresses that steadily wear on our bodies and minds. Adaptogens such as Holy Basil help balance our hormonal response to stress. they also aid in mitigating some of the detrimental effects of continued stress such as fatigue due to cortisol (adrenal stress hormone) excess.
Type AB & B: Cordyceps enhances natural killer cell action of the immune system as well as giving you energy and stamina. Take your cordyceps with some ginger tea.
Type O: Rhodiola coupled with exercise. Rhodiola helps to moderate fatigue and support memory and concentration. Great for students, it supports the body in mental or physical stress and enhances brain functioning. It can moderate the effects of stress on the heart, and help liver function and glucose metabolism. It also is a cell-protecting antioxidant.