Green Drink Recipe

The Green Drink

What is it?

 The GREEN DRINK is essentially a "live food".  By using a blender and distilled water with fresh, organic green, edible leaves, you can prepare a drink with the vegetable material "chewed" several thousand times a minute by the blades. Chewing a green salad with the teeth, even if each bite is chewed with good teeth 32 times, liberates only approximately 2% of the available nutritional leaf fluids or chlorophyll. A good blender can deliver as much as 80% of the leaf's cellular fluids. This makes your salad greens approximately 40 times more effective, so instead of forty salads a day, on GREEN DRINK is enough to make a big difference.


Why do I have to use DISTILLED water?

Distilled water pulls minerals out of the greens so they are more readily absorbable by the body--meaning that the body doesn't have to use up energy to break down the greens in order to assimilate the minerals.


What does it do?

The GREEN DRINK nourishes the bloodstream and is the next best thing to having a blood transfusion. The GREEN DRINK is an oxygenator, a poison antidote, and a gentle flush to rid the body if internal and environmental poisons. It is a source of natural vegetable vitamin A, which can be taken without the fear of toxic building up as in the case of the same vitamin from other sources. Benefits are apparent in the skin and eyes as well as in muscular strength and stabilization of blood sugar levels--adding up to increase energy and a properly functioning system.

Why not take a commercially prepared chlorophyll product?

Because that would not be the 'live" version with the biological activity of the freshly prepared GREEN DRINK.

How long is the GREEN DRINK good?

It is best made every 24 hours. Fresh is always best!!

Can I add pineapple juice or other liquids to it?

No. The addition of cucumber or celery sweetens it just enough to be tasty and refreshing.

Should I eat during the time I'm taking the GREEN DRINK?

Certainly!! This is NOT fasting, and you can and should drink it every day, when possible!






One handful of any organic fresh green leaves (romaine, bib lettuce, escarole, endive, swiss chard, collards, dandelion, parsley, etc.)
One pint of distilled water
1/2 cucumber or 1-2 stalks of celery, if desired
Blend:            2 minutes
Strain:            If preferred
Drink:            Throughout the day or at the time of day that your energy is the lowest